Toddler Or Twos

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Children in the Toddler program range in age from 2 to 3 years old.

Our toddlers are free to explore and discover with our encouragement. A key element of the Toddler program is stimulating independence in children, which is critical to developmental success at this stage. Playing with appropriate toys, experimenting with sounds, colors, textures and shapes; activities such as drawing or scribbling, stacking, sorting, stringing and many more are planned to stimulate each child's physical, cognitive, aesthetic and social-emotional development.

Daily activities allow children the opportunity to explore their senses and express their imagination and singularity but also to be able to share with other kids. Musical and physical experiments are also part of every day. Field trips surely add "real world" experiences in different settings. They are an integral part of the toddler program. Field trips are implemented in conjunction with a theme to offer hands-on learning and exposure.

Our challenge is to learn how to help each child on developing into a socially competent person who can express his own feelings, empathize with his peers and be cooperative, generous and kind.