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Preschool children are aged from 3 to 5 years old

A prominent philosophy in designing the preschool program is play-based learning. The program includes hands-on learning activities, arts and crafts, music and creative movement through dancing, exciting science discoveries, take-home created projects and language activities, including foreign languages according to parent’s wishes. The curriculum offers developmental levels in language, social, cognitive and motor skills that are administered through a variety of pleasant activities.

With the preschool program we want our children to achieve higher levels of independence. Our method is to give them choices in order to promote decision-making. We encourage them to “try” and will help them develop skills such as feeding, toileting or dressing and undressing themselves. Toilet training is to plan on an individual basis. We will decide collaboratively with parents the readiness of each child and the strategy to use.

Home-based day care children have the advantage of interacting with friends of same and different ages   continuously during the day. Thus, they have the permanent opportunity to develop language and social skills. The children will be allowed to use our backyard playground as well as local parks and public playgrounds for fine and gross motor activities, with our support always close at hand. 
Trips to Central Park and the zoo are scheduled throughout the year. They are planned in conjunction with the theme of the month and allow all children to broaden knowledge of their world and practice what they have learned. These activities are designed to contribute to the child development on many levels: cognitive, linguistic, fine motor, gross motor, sensorial, perceptual and social. We will learn the concepts of quantity, causality and spatial relations by exploring our surroundings and experimenting together. We will also exercise writing and reading skills accordingly to each child developmental and interest level. 
Our program is designed to provide each preschooler with the necessary skills and understanding to succeed in kindergarten.