Infant & Young Toddler

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We believe the family to be at the core of young children learning and development. That is why we encourage an efficient communication between parents and caregivers in order to ensure appropriate caregiving for children, based on continuity in routines between children's homes and provider's house. We stress on creating a harmonious atmosphere around each child as positive relationships provide children a secure emotional base from which to explore and learn.

As we know, infants and toddlers are exceptional learners who continuously explore the world with their senses while developing motor skills. Quickly enough, they become aware of the physical world surrounding them and learn how to conquer it. The Infant & Young Toddler's (ages from birth to 2 years) curriculum promotes active learning within a comfortable and secure environment with appropriate learning spaces for the children to develop skills such as: 

Large and Small Motor Skills for our babies by reaching, grasping, kicking, holding, pulling and standing, creeping and crawling in, out, over, under, while toddlers may start gripping, throwing, manipulating, walking, climbing, pushing, pulling and lot more. 

Sensory Skills by exploring texture, color, patterns, size and shape, smell, taste and weight. 

Cognitive Skills as they become aware of spatial relationships, object permanence, collecting, classifying and dumping, cause and effect experiences, problem-solving. 

Language and Music through 
adult-child conversations, reading and language play, listening to soothing music and rhymes and sound explorations with audio support. 

Expression of their Uniqueness during doll and stuffed animals play, movement, art, imitation and dramatic play.

Space arrangement at Happy Sun Day Care is designed to maximize development of the whole child. Each space offers a specific kind of play and care such as Manipulatives, Reading, Movement and Art, allowing room also for diapering, meals, and naps. In addition, we are committed to develop and strengthen bonds with each child during bodily care times but also provide them with individual child-caregiver moments daily. Part of the fun of parenting is learning how your baby communicates and that is true for every single child since no two infants are alike.

As mothers, we appreciate and cherish those particular moments because they allow us observe the children, learn to recognize and read each child cues, thus give more personalized and responsive care. Those private moments with your child also communicate to him that she/he is always a "special person” even when mommy and daddy are not around. We guarantee an affectionate atmosphere for your infant or toddler to thrive, allowing him extend his feeling of trust from parents to new adults and other children.