The Caregivers



Kanika is simply a pearl of nature. She is such a loving person, respectable and respectful of any person, younger or older. Most of all, she is the happy mother of a little boy and beautiful daughter named Avi and Sara, who can barely stay away from mommy.

She has won herself the respect and admiration of all for her savoir faire and magnanimity with any child she encounters. Kanika enjoys taking care and playing with her children, my sons and all the kids around us. My son Hugo often says "I love Bàbù so much".  Bàbù, that's her nickname, an affectionate appellation for a dearest person. Kanika cherishes each and every moment she spends in children’s company. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from University of Rajasthan in India.   



I like to think that I am an extremely fortunate mother. The fact is that I have two wonderful boys aged 6 and 8 years. I could use all the pages of this site talking about them but let's not do that. Another time, another place, certainly!

I am glad to dedicate myself to my family and enjoy the precious moments we spend inventing the more silly and funny games from the imagination of Hugo, my older boy. We like  drawing “happy suns and moons" and reading books in many languages, mommy and daddy respectively have French and Italian origins.

I decided at a very young age that I wanted to become a teacher and before starting college, I was the favorite teacher of my 2 younger brothers and my baby sister. I really enjoyed helping them with their homework.

I received a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in Linguistics and Literature from Sorbonne University in France. I am also a certified teacher of French (French as a second language).
I've always known that I would enjoy working with children, "the best students and playmates you can dream of" in my humble opinion. It’s a blessing for my husband Alberto and myself to be able to welcome other children in our multicultural family.