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Our team is  staffed with professional and sympathetic early educators with a true dedication for children and their families. We are proud of our cultural diversities and resemblances, foundation of the powerful bond that unites us.

As they say, family members are not only those who share the same blood. Olga, Lina, Kanika and Elisabeth our caregivers are doing a tremendous work taking care of our little princes and princesses. They are loving, patient and magnanimous with a great sense of humor. Those admirable ladies are genuinely fond of all the children at Happy Sun and don’t miss an occasion to cuddle them. We invite you to meet our family and share our enthusiasm and commitment into guiding and inspiring young children. 

We serve nutritious and delicious meals to children. Not to mention only the high quality standards required for the food and products served, we would like to underline that the caregivers are also great cooks, no bragging! We promise to offer your children a happy and enriching experience by making meal time a voyage for discovering worldwide flavors.

The staff at Happy Sun Day Care, substitutes included has been fingerprinted and FBI background checked. We also hold a current Adult/Pediatric CPR & First Aid certification and are capable of providing primary emergency care to children in case of necessity, before the arrival of the ambulance.

 Eventually, we work with doctor Gunjeet M. Sahni, pediatrician affiliated with Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center as a health care consultant for our program. Doctor Sahni is committed to visit us on a regular basis providing health checkups for our kids if necessary, and health and hygiene related controls for the day care premises. Moreover, she is close at hand, available in any emergency situation since located at exactly ten minutes, walking distance from our home. It is our priority to keep your children safe, as you can notice. 

Come meet us at Happy Sun and find an nurturing and supportive home environment where your child will thrive.